For three generations, we have valued every detail.


Over Sixty years ago, our family started building custom cabinets by hand, valuing every detail, using quality materials, and treating each cabinet as if it were going in our family’s home. Those values have been passed down from generation to generation, and we have seen our family’s business turn into a company built on exceptional quality and the promise to go above and beyond. That’s how our family has been raised, and that’s what has made DeWils products the finest that custom cabinetry offers.

We have honored our family’s passion and unwavering desire for perfection with our commitment to craftsmanship. As the company has grown, so has our product line. Today we offer more styles, wood choices, and an ever-growing array of finish options. We combine the craftsmanship of yesterday with the technologies of today and the durability to last for the generations of tomorrow.

The next 60 years will undoubtedly see as many changes as the product evolves. And we’ll keep striving for perfection along the way. You could say it’s a family promise.